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Tatanka Pure CBD

Tatanka Pure CBD delivers a huge amount of cannabidiol, which creates waves of relaxation throughout your body. Say goodbye to all stress and fear.


Tatanka Pure

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Tatanka Pure CBD: powerful harvests brimming with CBD

Tatanka Pure CBD is a therapeutic strain that is capable of relieving stress, anxiety, and pain. We named this strain after the famous Native American medicine man Tatanka Iyotake. Sometimes known as Sitting Bull, Tatanka was also chief of the Hunkpapa Sioux - one of seven council fires of the Lakota tribe. He made history by leading his people in an effort to counter the European invasion of the late 19th century. Tatanka was also a medicine man known for his powerful preparations. So it seemed appropriate to name this beneficial strain after this historical figure.

We created Tatanka Pure CBD by crossing medical parent strains Elixir Vitae and Medical CBD. By merging two varieties with a lot of CBD, we were able to successfully improve this property. The descendant is an indica-dominant strain brimming with CBD.


Tatanka Pure CBD delivers high levels of CBD without causing any psychoactive effects. Its resinous buds produce 9–14% cannabidiol - enough to provide potential therapeutic relief for numerous diseases. With optimal lighting and nutrients, you can get the maximum amount of CBD out of this strain. Tatanka Pure CBD is made up of 70% indica genes and it provides a calm, stress-relieving high that will keep you clear in your head. A deep drag on your bong or vape leads to immediate relaxation and a brief zen feeling. The THC content of this strain never exceeds the 0.25% mark. You can smoke these buds all day long and they will always remain fully functional. Tatanka Pure CBD is the perfect smoke (or vapor) before any situation that would normally make you nervous. Take a few deep hits before a meeting or appointment that would usually make your knees weak.

Tatanka Pure CBD pampers you with an unusual yet pleasant fragrance. Its flowers give off contrasting aromas of caramel and bitterness. The terpenes behind this fragrance initially confuse the taste buds, but leave behind a pleasant aftertaste.


Tatanka pure CBD ensures a rich supply of medicinal flowers. If the plants are grown indoors, you will be rewarded with up to 450g / m² after a flowering phase of only 6-7 weeks. If you grow them outdoors, on the other hand, the plants will grow up to 180cm high and yield an incredible 475g per plant. Tatanka Pure CBD can be harvested outdoors in late September.

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