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Stress Killer Automatic CBD

Stress Killer is an autoflowering strain that provides the user with a clean, functional, and focused high. By combining the genetics of Lemon Haze x Juanita la Lagrimosa x Ruderalis, we have created a distinctly citrusy hybrid that produces generous yields. Harvest is 11 weeks after germination. Balanced cannabinoid content and well balanced experience.

Stress Killer Autoflowering

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A very versatile variety of CBD

Stress Killer combines the pungent lemon taste and mentally uplifting high of Lemon Haze with the subtle tones and potent CBD content of Juanita la Lagrimosa. By crossing these with a top-notch ruderalis specimen, we have created one of our clearest and most focused strains to date.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor cultivation, Stress Killer is an extremely versatile cannabis strain whose genetics are dominated by the sativa side. In the grow room, it usually grows to around 90-140cm tall and is ready for harvest just 11-12 weeks after sowing. At the end of this time she can produce up to 500g / m², depending on how she was raised.

Outdoors, Stress Killer has the potential to go a little further, especially if she grew up in a warm, sunny climate. In this situation it can reach a height that is between 120-160cm. Here, too, she needs just under 11 weeks from germination to present her great buds, whereby a single plant can produce up to 160g.

The marijuana that Stress Killer produces has a pungent lemon and haze aroma inherited from its potent parents, who themselves have a dominant citrus aroma. As its name suggests, the effects it creates are great for relieving problems and worries that may move your mind, and creating a clear, focused high that drowns out distractions to help you get through the day. Stress Killer has a THC level of 11%, which is accompanied by a high level of CBD.

If you're looking for a light, lemony marijuana to enjoy throughout the day, Stress Killer is an excellent choice. She won't bring you down.

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