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Breeders pursuing their cannabis ventures in the United States have gathered cannabis genetics from around the world to create delicious and stabilized strains. It's part of American culture to make the toughest, stickiest varieties. Strains like Gelato, Cookies and Zkittlez are some of the strongest, hardest kicking cannabis strains and were developed in the USA. The country may not have any old landrace strains to offer, but it has certainly produced an abundance of cannabis enthusiasts ready to take the world of cannabis to the next level.


Sherbet Queen

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Sherbet Queen: A taste so benevolent, you'll savor every move

Sherbet Queen is filled to the brim with so many desirable traits that we don't even know where to start. We could start with the delicious aroma of forest fruits that envelops the senses or the bright orange pistils that glisten in the midday sun. We could even delve into her incredible legacy as she is a direct descendant of the world famous Girl Scout Cookies. Instead, let's start with what makes Sherbet Queen so desirable to so many recreational and medical users.


The intense high isn't typical of an 85% indica-dominant strain. Usually, stoners can expect such an indica to capture them in a state of immobility and stick them to the sofa while the sedative anti-pain characteristics work wonders. There are indeed elements of this in her high; however, it is the uplifting, energetic, and creative traits that most of all shine through. It still takes a full afternoon to appreciate the complexity of Sherbet Queens High. However, there is still the option of being productive.

When the stresses of modern life take its toll, she is the perfect cure. It subtly soothes the body and is very effective at dispelling feelings of fear and worry. With their potent THC content, it won't be long before the terrific, earthy flavors and mesmerizing high find their way into every inch of your exhausted body and mind.


Perhaps the only tradeoff for such a satisfying high is the modest amount of bud it produces. Fortunately, very little maintenance is required during both the growth and flowering phases, so you can forgive her for the slightly below average yield. Mold resistance is good, and if you're lucky enough to live in a Mediterranean climate, growing outdoors is a sensual treat. In indoor cultivation, it also needs very little attention, but pay attention to the humidity values. Ready to harvest in late September or early October, it is a fantastic side project for experienced growers, as well as an easy endeavor for beginners.

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