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Royal CBG Automatic

In addition to an impressive amount of CBD and no THC, Royal CBG Automatic also provides a high content of the "original cannabinoid". Enjoy its grounding, gentle and head-clearing effect. Smoke their flowers in the morning to clear the mind and use them in the evening for a deep sense of relaxation and calm. A hint of vanilla turns every puff into a treat.

Royal CBG Autoflowering

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Royal CBG Automatic: A huge amount of cannabigerol

Royal CBG Automatic marks a new milestone in the RQS seed collection - it has the highest CBG content in our entire genetic archive. Not only does it produce a large amount of this exciting primal cannabinoid, but it is also high in CBD and almost zero THC. Enjoy its clear and calming effects without a high.

The roots of Royal CBG Automatic

In order to achieve a strain with such impressive CBG content, our professional breeders carefully selected parent strains that would inherit the desirable traits. By crossing the fast and reliable Goliat Auto with a high- CBG specimen, they managed to tease out this cannabinoid and blend it with more efficient autoflowering genetics. Royal CBG Automatic emerged from this process with a genetic profile consisting of 75% Sativa, 20% Indica and 5% Ruderalis.

Effect and taste of CBG Automatic

With 6-8% CBG , a high CBD content and around 0.09% THC, Royal CBG Automatic produces a clear, lucid and functional effect. You can smoke or vape this strain all day long to feel grounded, lift your spirits, or relax your body.

CBG , CBD, and a complex blend of terpenes work together to create a sense of satisfaction and creativity. In addition, aromas of vanilla pods and earth delight your taste buds with every puff, making them an extremely sweet autoflower.

The cultivation of Royal CBG Automatic

A compact and fast strain, Royal CBG Automatic appeals to stealthy growers who want to grow a lot of plants in a relatively small space. In the grow tent, this plant grows to 80–90cm and is perfect for small grow tents and converted cupboards. Expect an impressive yield of 350-450g / m² ready for harvest 9-10 weeks after germination.

Plants raised outdoors grow a little taller with a size of 1m. As a grower, you have the option of using low stress training to keep the plants lower and out of sight. This strain tolerates a wide variety of climatic conditions and thrives in cooler conditions. Expect 30-50g per specimen when growing outdoors.

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