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Purplematic CBD

Purplematic CBD gives you a huge dose of cannabidiol and only traces of THC. You can smoke it all day long and it will stay fully functional.

Purplematic Autoflowering

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Purplematic CBD: relieve pain without getting high

You will be hard pressed to find a CBD-rich autoflower than Purplematic CBD. With this variety, our breeding team let their creativity run free. It's one of the strangest strains you'll ever come across. Their different colors, the huge pistils and strange aromas make them an absolute star in your grow room or garden.

The idea behind Purplematic CBD was to create a strain that is bursting with cannabidiol and easy to grow. The strain provides easy access to a large amount of the therapeutic molecule for beginners. But we also wanted to create a strain that would be fun to grow at any point in the grow cycle. To achieve this, we crossed the high-CBD strains Kush Rose Auto CBD and Afghan Rose Auto CBD. Finally, we created a stable hybrid with 90% indica, 5% sativa and 5% ruderalis genetics.


Purplematic CBD has a cannabinoid profile of 17% CBD and less than 0.5% THC. This results in a CBD: THC ratio of around 34: 1. In the course of an intensive selective breeding process, we have succeeded in reducing the THC content to a negligible level. Therefore, the Purplematic CBD flowers do not produce any psychoactive effects. Users who use cannabis as a medicinal or stimulant can smoke or vape these flowers throughout the day without getting high. Their buds can also be used to prepare edibles or make extracts with high concentrations of CBD. After consuming edibles or smoking their flowers, you will experience a motivating effect that will keep you clear in your head.

An enticing terpene profile expands the therapeutic potential of Purplematic CBD. As its flowers ripen, you can smell the aromas of earth, pine and red fruits.


This autoflowering strain has no time to waste. It races from seed germination to harvest in just 8 weeks! It doesn't take long before she initiates the flowering phase and starts showing off her beauty. Its flowers have a dark purple core, which is contrasted by unusually large pistils. The purple shades extend up to half of the upper fan leaves, where they turn into a dark green color.

Purplematic CBD is a productive strain. Their small size means you can grow multiple plants in a small space. In the grow room you can place 12 plants in 7l pots on one square meter. They will reach a height of 120cm and provide a yield of 400–450g / m². If you grow the plants outdoors, they will be 140cm tall and are better suited for 18L pots. You can expect a yield of 100–150g per plant.

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