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Mother Gorilla ( Formerly Royal Madre )

Mother Gorilla combines the world-famous potency of Gorilla Glue # 4 with the terpene-rich charm of Reina Madre.

Mother Gorilla (Formerly Royal Madre)

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Mother Gorilla : a sativa that inspires you

Mother Gorilla is a new and improved version of Royal Madre. The original variety is a cross between Jack the Ripper and Reina Madre (Queen Mother). She is a hard hitting sativa strain that offers a cerebral effect. We wanted to take her potency to a new level. It really made sense to invite gorilla genetics to the party. Our experienced breeders have set themselves the ambitious challenge of using the virtues of Reina Madre and crossing them with Gorilla Glue (GG # 4).

Reina Madre served as an excellent genetic base for the cross. Her impressive THC levels and intoxicating sativa high gave us plenty of material to work with. Plus, this strain produces a complex terpene profile with sweet, sour, and spicy tones. Mother Gorilla inherited many of these traits.

So while Royal Madre brought in the flavor, Gorilla Glue provided unmatched potency. This powerful strain is widely known for its dazzling high. Her dominant sativa effect is fueled by a colossal THC content of up to 30%. It also shows off fantastic aromas of pine and chocolate and a satisfying diesel taste. These impressive traits have enabled the strain to win awards at the High Times Cannabis Cup and the High Times World Cup.

Together, these two parent strains gave birth to an excellent hybrid. Mother Gorilla delivers enormous THC levels, spectacular taste and a short flowering time. She is clearly sativa-dominant and produces good yields.


Mother Gorilla offers a stimulating effect typical of sativa-dominant strains. However, her high doesn't make you fidgety or cause unwanted paranoia. Instead, it gives you the perfect amount of energy and arousal. It immediately awakens the mind and lets the neurons fire without being overwhelming. As a user, you benefit from a motivating and creative way of thinking, which can be useful for artistic and sporting endeavors when enjoyed in small amounts. However, if you smoke enough of its flowers, the effect will be completely euphoric.

This strain is great for small gatherings and parties as it will put you in a sociable mood. Alternatively, you can enjoy them extensively at home if you feel like inspiration or introspection.

Mother Gorilla's flowers contain an impressive 23-25% THC, which is more than enough to have significant therapeutic effects when used medicinally. The strain has the potential to relieve pain and stimulate appetite. Your buds also produce high levels of the terpene β-caryophyllene, which is a type of "dietary cannabinoid". These flowers are also rich in the mood-enhancing and relaxing terpenes limonene and myrcene. This terpene profile culminates in a taste of rich chocolate and earth, complemented by sweetness and flavor.


Mother Gorilla is an easy to grow photoperic plant. It grows to 140–180 cm and can be harvested after a very decent flowering period for a sativa-dominant strain. Those who grow them indoors can expect a yield of up to 500g / m² after just 9-10 weeks. An outdoors grown plant has a maximum yield of 650g and will be ready for harvest in early October.

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