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Marula Fruit Regular

Marula Fruit is a therapeutic indica strain. Take some time to invest in your own wellbeing. Smoke their flowers, meditate and thank you later.

Marula Fruit

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Marula Fruit: Take a break and relax

Marula Fruit is a heady indica with African origins. To honor its heritage, we named the variety after the marula tree, which comes from the same continent. These large and rugged trees produce fruits that the elephants of the region get intoxicated with. Although our strain produces a different effect, these two species share an expansive canopy and psychoactive properties. To create Marula Fruit , we secured a unique landrace that was discovered in Mozambique, Southeast Africa. We crossed this stunning specimen with a strong indica strain from Mendocino County, California.

Bringing these two varieties together from opposite sides of the planet was an ambitious task. However, we are more than satisfied with the result! Marula Fruit became a heavily indica-dominant strain with 35% indica and 65% sativa genetics. She is easy to grow, has a good yield and offers medicinal qualities.


To call Marula Fruit relaxing would be an understatement. Its effect can hardly be expressed in words alone. The effect is reminiscent of the euphoria after a full body massage or a restful night's sleep. A few puffs of these flowers activate the parasympathetic system, relax the muscles and reduce stress. Marula Fruit takes the burden off your shoulders and gives your mind a break. However, it is only a variety for during the day if you have planned a day of rest. Marula Fruit is therefore ideally suited for evening use. Fill a bong or vaporizer with your buds and escape the world for a while. The buds of this strain contain an average THC content of 20% and catalyze a high that comes on quickly and lasts for a long time.

It's easy to see why medical users get so much relief from this strain. Your physical high relieves pain, helps reduce anxiety, and removes stress.

Marula Fruit tickles the senses with its pleasant terpene profile. Its flowers are sweet and sugary, and exude delicious notes of cherry and cotton candy.


Marula Fruit is absolutely presentable! As a grower, you will quickly notice this when the flowering phase begins. Its flowers are unusual, but still a feast for the eyes. They are prickly, shaped like a Christmas tree, and produce large amounts of viscous resin. It is a sturdy variety that does not require any special growing conditions, which is why it thrives in almost any setting. Marula Fruit is easy to grow, whether growing indoors or outdoors. In doing so, it reaches a medium height. Grown indoors, she will produce a satisfactory yield of around 475g / m² after a flowering period of 49-53 days. In the open air, the variety produces a massive 650g per plant, which can be harvested at the beginning of October.

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