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What happens when you cross a pure Afghani with Northern Lights and Skunk? You get Indica Crystal Extreme - aka ICE - a plant that is completely covered with resin glands. The buds of this great hybrid strain are so sticky and sparkling that there couldn't be a more apt name than ICE.


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ICE : A variety used to make hashish


Combining the legendary abilities of three very crass strains - Afghan x (Northern Light x Skunk) - you get no less strain than Indica Crystal Extreme. The name indicates the most valuable property of this variety: a sparkling trichome shell that envelops the inflorescences en masse towards the end of flowering. For those who like to make hash themselves, there is no better starting variety than ICE .


ICE feminized has a strikingly indica-dominant growth pattern and reaches a low height of around 100cm in a grow room. If it is left to its own devices outdoors, it can grow up to a maximum of 200cm . Despite her compact stature, she can grow in width by pinching and clipping and in the end achieve a larger yield. Growers will witness classic indica traits like big, plump fan leaves. Light defoliation also gives the plant's lower inflorescences enough light.

ICE is a respectable producer with a yield of around 500-550g / m² outdoors and 400-450g / m² under a 600W lamp. She prefers a warm climate like in Spain or California.

ICE can be harvested after a flowering period of 8 weeks; however, many growers leave them in bloom a little longer, around 10 weeks total, to maximize their resin content. We are sure that ICE is one of the most beautiful cannabis plants ever during the flowering period.


With its incredible effect, ICE compensates for any delays on the harvest day. The strain's stark indica genetics create a surge of total body relaxation. Since it is a classic couch-lock variety, it is best consumed in the evening. The taste profile is determined by balanced notes of spices and earth with a hint of mint. The entire smoking experience can best be described as calming.

For concentrate and extract lovers, ICE is one of the best strains when it comes to producing premium hashish. Point. Ice-o-lator, Ear Wax, Budder, etc. We are sure that even the greatest hash lover will be satisfied with the end product. No other Royal Queen Seeds cannabis plant is as good for hash production as Indica Crystal Extreme.

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