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The Bloom Stimulator by B'Cuzz is a flower stimulator specially for soil, coconut and hydro substrates and is a 100% organic flower stimulator.

It ensures increased flower production and large, compact tops and thus has a strong yield-increasing effect. In addition, it increases the sugar content in the flowers. This makes for a smooth, sweet taste in the final product. This flower stimulator from BCUZZ is ideal for soil or hydroponics.

1 ml per liter of water

From the beginning of the flower formation, add every time you water. Optimal effect in combination with B'cuzz Booster. (Earth, hydro or coco),

Fertilizer Atami B "Cuzz stimulation

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1 Liter
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For many plants, flowering is one of the most important periods in the development cycle. It is used to determine whether the plant will produce a rich harvest and also whether the smell and taste of the fruit will be intense.

The Atami bloom stimulator supports your protégés precisely at this important time. On the one hand, it starts flowering earlier, and on the other, it also cranks it up. If you use the bloom stimulator shortly before the bloom starts to form, you will be amazed at how it increases explosively.

You can use the Atami B'cuzz Bloom Stimulator on soil, coconut and hydro substrates.

Shake well before use.
Put 1 ml bloom stimulator in one liter of irrigation water. Now water as usual, preferably daily if necessary. Please note that irrigation water should never be cold, but should have room temperature (approx. 21 ° C).
Atami recommends combining it with B'cuzz Booster - depending on the growing medium (soil, coconut or hydro).

About the manufacturer:
Atami GmbH has been producing a sophisticated range of plant foods, bio-stimulators and substrates since 1997. With three product lines (B'cuzz, ATA and ATA NRG), the renowned company offers plant nutrition for the needs of every grower in over 40 countries. And not only of great quality, but also optimally balanced and economical to use.

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