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Triple G

With Triple G , our breeders hit the bull's eye. They extracted the finest traits of two world famous cultivars to create a premium indica hybrid.

3G (Triple G)

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Triple G (Gorilla Glue Gelato): Get ready to take off

Triple G was born into a prestigious family. Her name pays homage to her powerful and famous ancestors: Gorilla Glue and Gelato. Both of these varieties have taken the cannabis world by storm. They are known internationally for their superior strength, overwhelming taste and high productivity. We took our versions of these legends, Green Gelato and Royal Gorilla, to create Triple G.

Our breeders wanted to create something that could rival their parents' world class genetics. Triple G is just that. It has massive THC levels and dessert-like flavors that delight the body, mind and taste buds. All in all, she's a formidable indica-dominant beast (85% indica).


A word of warning: don't underestimate Triple G! Newbies to cannabis should approach this strain with extreme caution. Take it slow with this strain. Its bulbous flowers look like they're ready to release a sea of shiny resin. This psychoactive nectar contains 26% THC that will elevate your mind in seconds. Seasoned cannabis smokers will feel an instant high of euphoric energy that ignites the central nervous system. While these feelings are gratifying, they could be a source of anxiety in less experienced smokers.

If you can take the high, prepare for a fantastic ride of deep contemplation, creativity, and introversion. Triple G offers extensive therapeutic potential for those in need of symptomatic relief. Try them if you are experiencing loss of appetite, insomnia, or chronic pain.

Flavors of rich chocolate, berries, and candy add to this effect. The sensual bombardment doesn't stop there. Expect pungent aromas of earth, spice, and diesel.


Triple G forms a dense canopy of narrow, pointed flowers. These buds are full of orange pistils and loaded with a thick layer of trichomes. Her heavy indica dominance results in a bushy shape that makes her easier to control than most strains. Growers can use capping and pruning to keep their inflorescences evenly exposed to light. She copes just as well with indoor and outdoor conditions and delivers a medium yield in both environments.

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