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Pumpkin Kush Regular

Pumpkin Kush is a sweet and flavorful strain that is full of THC. Their high puts users in a euphoric state of mind.

Pumpkin Kush

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Pumpkin Kush: a hint of pumpkin pie on every puff

Pumpkin Kush is an exceptionally tasty strain with exotic origins. Its roots are in the Caribbean, a region famous for its high quality landrace genetics and heirloom plants. The strain is derived in part from Lambsbread, a famous sativa native to Jamaica. Rastas and psychonauts are full of praise, and it is said that even Bob Marley smoked them.

Breeders received permission from local growers to export this tropical specimen to the United States. Upon arrival in Northern California, they crossed Lambsbread with Pre-98 Bubba Kush, another legendary strain. This was used to balance the genetic profile and improve the terpene content.

After several generations of selective breeding, Pumpkin Kush saw the light of day. This strain is slightly sativa-dominant, made up of 60% sativa and 40% indica genetics.


Pumpkin Kush produces a high that appeals to both the body and the mind. The genetics of Sativa and Indica work together to create multi-faceted effects. The high sets in almost instantly and begins as a euphoric sensation. Creative thoughts flow freely and deep, philosophical conversations are likely to ensue. This part of the high is motivating and stimulating, which is why Pumpkin Kush is great for pre-gym enjoyment.

Ultimately, however, these effects turn into a calming physical high. After an hour or two, the body begins to feel relaxed and the thoughts start to slow down. If you then still have something to do, take a few more puffs to revive the stimulation described. However, if your day is nearing the end, you can let the high take you into a deep resting phase.

Pumpkin Kush develops small flowers with a THC content of 20%. In addition, your buds also produce delicious scents and flavors of sweetness, pumpkin pie, spices, and flowers.


Pumpkin Kush will grow to medium size regardless of whether she grows indoors or outdoors. It is a good choice for growers who have limited space. Pumpkin Kush is just as easy to hide from prying eyes and therefore appeals to growers who would like to keep their project secret. Plants grown indoors provide a good yield of 525g / m² after a flowering period of 60 days. Plants that live their life cycle outdoors under the influence of the elements offer a really worthwhile yield of 700g / plant and are ready for harvest in early October.

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