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The BioBizz starter set for purely organic fertilization

Anyone who wants to pamper their protégés with organic fertilizer has found the ultimate complete solution with this set. It contains all BioBizz products that are necessary to successfully accompany every plant from the seedling to the fruit. Consisting of a basic and flower fertilizer as well as valuable stimulators for flowers and roots, the package contains everything an ambitious organic gardener needs.

The growth fertilizer forms the basis of the BioBizz fertilization system and ensures abundant plant growth. It is used during the entire life cycle of the plant and activates important soil bacteria.

The Bio-Bloom blossom additive is the optimal addition to the basic fertilizer. It is used during the flowering / fruiting phase and provides the plant with sufficient nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.

The Top-Max bloom stimulator is used as a stimulant for the blooming phase. It accelerates the cell division of the plant as well as the structure and production of fructose in the flower and thus ensures magnificent flower growth and dense shoots.

The Root-Juice root stimulator ensures strong and healthy root formation. It is particularly important in the first few weeks of plant growth so that the roots can develop properly.

With these four fertilizers you lay a good nutrient basis for your protégés - and of course all of this at a reduced price for the complete set.

Dosage instructions from the manufacturer indicate the exact times for the correct application of the various types and amounts of fertilizer. All fertilizers in the complete set are 100 percent natural and certified organic

Biobizz kit organic fertilizer

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  • Complete supply for your plants
  • Absolute special price as a starter pack
  • 100% organic fertilizer, produced in an environmentally friendly way

The Biobizz Starters Pack contains all the important Biobizz fertilizers at a great price and offers an ideal introduction to indoor growing. If you value organic and natural fertilization, there is no way around Biobizz. The manufacturer has been producing high quality fertilizers for decades and is very well recognized in the market. In the Starters Pack you get the most important basic fertilizers and stimulators that are needed to achieve very good results!

The set includes:

  • Bio-Grow, 1 L
  • Organic Bloom, 1 L
  • TopMax, 500 ml
  • RootJuice, 250 m
  • BioHeaven, 250 ml

A basic fertilizer for the growth or flowering phase provides the most important nutrients for your plants. Bio-Grow is an organic fertilizer based on sugar beet extract, which provides your plants with the energy they need in a natural way. Bio-Bloom provides your flowering plants with the phosphorus and potassium they need .

Root Juice is the root stimulator by the manufacturer and provides young plants and cuttings energy for a thorough rooting. Plants that have an optimal network of roots can later absorb and process nutrients much better.

With Bio Heaven and Top Max , the manufacturer supplies two top-class stimulators . In contrast to conventional boosters, Biobizz products are based on 100% organic products. Nevertheless, they provide your plants with vitamins and additives and thus stimulate faster and more abundant flower growth .

In addition, the set contains a complete fertilizer scheme, which explains the use of all Biobizz products.

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